Friday, March 12, 2010

Thank goodness for bachelorette parties!!

My husband left on a business trip yesterday - he and 4 co-workers are in the Cayman Islands until Sunday night. Lucky them! While they're doing some work today, they then get to spend the rest of the weekend sitting at the beach, snorkeling, and going to nice dinners.

I am so jealous! I I get to sit inside our apartment watching the rain, and taking care of the baby all by myself. But wait...I have my own trip to look forward to. In less than two months, I will be at my best-friend Dollface's Bachelorette party in SUNNY, warm Costa Rica!! I knew there was a reason I love my friends! :) They are the BEST reason to go away. I am counting down the days!!!,


  1. Oh what a fun Bachelorette party! I want to go! haha!

  2. yay!! I am sooo excited to go away!!! Counting down!!! :)

  3. Counting down the days!!!! Whooo hooo! I can't wait! This is def. something to look forward too! xo

  4. You and your little girl are ADORABLE!!! I will be keeping up now!! :)
    You girls will have so much fun!


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