Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Music Class Drama

I decided to sign my daughter up for a free trial music class in my neighborhood. At four and a half months old, she's probably too young to get much out of it, but it's free, she can hear songs and interact with other kids, and maybe I would get to make some new mommy friends (that didn't happen - the class was all nannies, but that'll be a different day's post). Anyway, towards the end of the class, I laid my daughter down on the mat and was playing with her. Along crawls a little boy, probably around 9 months old, and he starts touching her. Cute, I thought, he's exploring another baby. Then all of a sudden - he grabbed my daughter's hair and YANKED. In his fist were SO many of her hairs! I was so upset, even though my baby wasn't upset at all. The boy's mommy was upset too, she quickly slapped her son's cheek HARD. I didn't realize people still do that. Now I don't know who I feel worse for...my daughter or that poor little boy who didn't realize he was doing anything wrong.


  1. omg! I hate hearing this story... my poor baby girl, xxxooo

  2. OH my goodness! Poor little Rachel and poor little boy. What is wrong with that mommy? Why do parents treat their kids like that? I swear it's all or nothing with some parents..they either ignore it or end up showing their kids "it was wrong" by doing the same thing! URGH!


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