Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Adventures of My Hamper

My husband is not the neatest person.  He's clean (showers way too many times per day if you ask me), but he just doesn't always think about cleaning up after himself.  If I point it out to him, he is more than happy to clean up - but on his own, he is likely to leave clothes on the bathroom floor, plates on the counter, wrappers on the coffee table, you get the point.  Our hamper has always been in our bedroom, in the closet, but last week I had a great idea.
Since most of his dirty clothes end up on the bathroom floor, why not put the hamper in the bathroom so that he can just put his dirty clothes in there, instead of on the floor. So I told him my plan, moved the hamper, and then again reminded him of my plan.  Didn't work. Now his clothes just end up on top of the hamper and on the floor next to the hamper. Sooo...hamper is moving back to our bedroom closet. Men!!!


  1. You would think he would throw them in the hamper! Jared usually throws all dirty stuff in his closet and then we scoop everything up on laundry day. But.. he never hangs up the dish towels back on the stove. He leaves them all over the kitchen counter. I want to kill him!!

  2. Whatcha goin' do? Gotta love 'em but they can drive you crazy, can't they? If that were my husband I think I might start hiding all the clothes he left randomly lying about. I might even hold them hostage just long enough until he began picking up after himself. Until then, the clothes would just keep disappearing!

  3. lol i have the same problem! our hamper is in the bathroom and husband's clothes are on the floor next to the hamper. men!!!

  4. HAHAHA! Oh my goodness! We have the SAME problem! I too...put our hamper in the bathroom...I hard could this be...when you take off your clothes it is right there for you...but NO...for some reason the clothes end up right next to the hamper...on the floor! URGH! I dont get it! You are NOT alone!


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