Monday, March 22, 2010

Tax Time!

Yesterday we went to the accountant to get our taxes done. We watched the accountant review our paperwork, and calculate everything.

When he was all finished, he told us that we should seriously consider buying some real estate! We've looked here and there, but not too seriously. So last night we started looking online - we have so much to figure out.
We're still undecided if we should stay in the city, or move to the suburbs; if we should buy an apartment, or buy a house. But I guess for now we'll look at everything, and then narrow it down later on. At least we have the same taste in real estate, now we just have to find the place we love!


  1. We've owned a few spots and been been burned twice- once badly- but the other times things worked out. Do your research and find someone you REALLY trust that knows their shit to help! Good Luck.

  2. And try to remember wherever you live cannot be too far away from us!! :)

  3. What a big, yet, wonderful decision! Good luck on this new adventure in life! Wishing you a home sweet home! :)


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