Friday, June 11, 2010

Poo-Pourri, anyone?

Spritz the bowl
Before you go...
and no one else
will ever know!

A friend told me about Poo-pourri, and I just had to try it....It's great!! The new staple in our bathrooms!


  1. interesting! Where do you buy this at?

  2. That is so funny. But I will definitely look into it.

  3. Hilarious. So you put it in the pot before you go? I just hate to think about it! Hilarious, I say!

  4. hey there, I got the letters from Hobby Lobby they were pretty cheap $1.50 Babies R Us has letters too that are a little bigger

  5. Have you seen the Man Version - it's called "Trap A Crap" - how crude?!! I add to make a label to wrap around it so that my 2 little boys would not learn that word and start saying it. But it definitely works.

  6. I have heard of this before! Thanks for testing it out! I must try! xo


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