Friday, May 7, 2010

Recalls are scary!!!

Last week Tylenol announced a voluntary recall on several of their infant/childrens medicines.

Right away I rushed to our medicine cabinet, and checked the ID numbers to see if they matched the products we have. And the ID numbers do match! Luckily our daughter hasn't needed to take any medicine, but I feel so bad for those parents whose kids had already used some of the (now) recalled products. It got me thinking, can we really trust any brands?? Scary!!


  1. If they have been used and the children are fine then it's ok...but in the meantime you can always get great 'medicines' in the health food store...we get all of my son's fever and pain relief stuff there.

  2. um yay! You are back, I am soooo happy!! :)

  3. I know, and they are always recalling something new!


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