Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dinner Suggestions??

Now that we are on a budget, I cook every weeknight (unless we have dinner plans).  But if I'm going to be cooking all the time, I really need to get some new recipes! We eat the same thing over and over. When my husband and I first got married (almost two years ago), I used to pull out my cookbooks and try new recipes. But I've gotten most nights we either have:
Spaghetti and Meatballs (my husband's favorite)
Chicken Parmesan (so easy and yummy)

Any suggestions on other dishes I can make, or do you have a favorite cookbook that I should try??


  1. If you check out my organizing blog I have some of my favorite recipes linked.

  2. Lasagna.... tacos/burritos.....homemade pizza... Jared loves these things!! :) xxxoo

  3. I'm a full time working mama and I have the same problem, I get sick of making the same things and I look for inexpensive easy dinners all the time.
    One of my favorites is to bake chicken (breast or trimmed and ready strips) with sun dried tomato salad dressing on top. I don't know if you've ever had this dressing but its just a plain dressing near the Italian dressing at my walmart. Then I make white minute rice and usually green beans and I'm done. Its so easy to prepare and it only takes 30 minutes to cook.

  4. Taco Soup:
    1 lb ground beef or turkey
    1 can corn
    1 can kidney beans (I like dark best)
    1 can Rotel tomato (it's by all of the other tomato stuff, it is chopped tomatos and green chilis-Kroger has a store brand)
    1 can green beans
    1 can hominy (by the corn)
    1 package of taco seasoning

    1. Brown the meat.
    2. Drain and rinse the kidney beans, leave the water in all of the other cans.
    3. Put everything else in the pot with the meat.
    4. Simmer at least 30 minutes.

    Easy as pie, right? Sometimes we serve it with sour cream, too, to cool it off a little if it's too spicy!

  5. One of our favs is fajitas. I just cook chicken strips then add onions and peppers. I skip the fajita seasoning since it has so much sodium and just use ground chili pepper and garlic powder. Serve with tortillas, cheese and rice if you like. Basically a 1 pot meal!

  6. That is about what I make too : ) We have fish sticks once a week. That is a special night : ). I try to use the crock pot but I never remember before I leave for work in the morning.

    Good luck! : )

  7. You should subscribe to Everyday Food magazine (or go online for recipes, though I like to have the tangible recipes in hand when cooking). There are tons of quick and easy recipes -- from breakfast to dessert -- to get you out of your rut. Otherwise, I'm a big fan of Jamie Oliver and his cookbooks. I also love several food blogs and get lots of cooking inspiration there -- Smitten Kitchen, Chocolate & Zucchini, Orangette. Good luck!

  8. You should subscribe to Kraft Foods' FREE newsletter. I don't remember how often they publish, but they have the BEST recipes in there.

    I also have a Taste of Home cook book with all of their best recipes - I would definitely recommend that, too!


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